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Automatic Doors of Kansas, Inc.

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Automatic Doors of Kansas, Inc.
Telescoping Doors as supplied by Automatic Doors of Kansas


Ultra Glide Entrances
KM has engineered and developed the telescoping sliding door to provide the designer with the largest door opening possible. This has a special advantage in retrofits and remodels where door width cannot be changed.

This sliding door configuration is durable, dependable and has all of the features of the standard Ultra-Glide™ sliding doors. Series 1100 Telescoping sliding doors are available in 3 panel single slide or 6 panel biparting packages that comply with all building codes.


bullet All features of the Ultra-Glide.
bulletProvides maximum clear door opening.
bulletRequires minimum amount of opening / space.
bulletAvailable in either 3 or 6 panel versions.
bulletSingle slide - one direction (3 panel)
bulletBi-part 6 panels
bulletFull breakout of all panels available.
bulletIncreases opening width without increasing size of door frame.
bulletCan be surface mounted for retrofit applications.

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Last modified: 06/12/03